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why we do it

why we do it

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creativity, innovation and fundamental values are being driven out of communications by over rationalised processes, a reliance of delivery over quality and a general lack of thoughtware.

STP believes that it’s time to address this issue, because our clients, their clients and employees deserve better. companies appear to be more interested in how they deliver their message, rather than the quality and relevance of the message itself.

however, data-driven delivery strategies that provide uninteresting content are dangerous to organisations, their brands and their employees as they are either irritating or, worse, invisible. STP believes that this is the right time to refocus attention on the quality of the message itself. organisations deserve more memorable communications that are built on more interesting ideas, that is thoughtware.

right now, communications seem to struggle to perform as they once did – despite meticulous research. despite constantly improving and more widely applied processes, innovation and creativity often evades organisational thinking. at STP we address this issue by bringing back the human dimension to the way we think about communications. we achieve this by using an understanding of why people behave the way they do in the world and by harnessing that human understanding to build better, more interesting and, ultimately, more profitable organisational outcomes. to understand more about why we do, what we do, in the way that we do it: contact us.


thoughtware can be compiled from many sources. life experiences feed the assembly of thoughtware. these experiences include the thinking stimulation and frameworks provided by leaders in the generation of thoughtware relevant to marketing and human resource management communication.

STP draws inspiration from many or the world’s leading thinkers. in particular…


these thinkers have shone a light into how human beings, and the type of attention they bring to the world, which have an enormous impact upon how we perceive and behave in it.

harnessing these findings to improve all types of communication, experiences and business results is STP’s raison d’etre. to see more of what STP has to offer look at: our services.

a truly exciting part of this understanding is that it has begun to explain some of the paradoxes seen in business. why, in spite of meticulous research, do our communications often struggle to perform? why, in spite of constantly improving and more widely applied processes, does innovation and creativity often evade us or look pedestrian?

STP are diligently seeking a female thought leader in either the HRM or Marketing business space.

STP believes in the extra dimensions a female thoughtware developer can add to the resolution of any issue.

please feel free to contact us if you believe that you fit the bill!

to discuss how this understanding could give your organisation the edge, feel free to: contact us.

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